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Q: Are you able to deal with transactions where a huge quantity is ordered?
A: Absolutely! A customer contacted us one day asking whether we could source 50,000 NP eyelets and washer sets. We immediately contacted our agent who looks after eyelets out of Australia, and he had them airfreighted in with another lot of goods. We were able to deliver the goods to the customer within the required timeframe, making everyone happy! 

Q: How do you deal with customer returns when they order the wrong product? 
A: We understand that in life, people sometimes make mistakes. We had a regular customer order the wrong size eyelet (we had brought these in especially for them as it was a colour that we don't usually stock!). They were so apologetic about the mistake and took full responsibility for the error, so we took them back and credited him for everything except the land freight. We then made arrangements for the CORRECT size eyelet for the customer, which took a few days, but he was extremely grateful for us helping him out. Plus, we had some interest in the unusual colour stock not long after that! 

Q: Do you offer advice to potential customers before they make a purchase? 
A: Yes of course we do. Newcomers to the leather and garment trades often phone and ask for advice on how to do things, so we'll put them in touch with someone who can help. Or, if they want to do it themselves, we'll set them up with the right gear for the job and make sure they know how to do everything. We often receive calls from people who have heard how helpful we are, it's so helpful in spreading the word about our business. 

Q : How do you deal with customers who have a fear or a lack of trust when it comes to buying products online? 
A:  We often have people phoning and enquiring about ordering online and we always encourage them to do so. It's easy to make a mistake when placing an order over the phone, whereas when it's done through the website, it can easily be checked over and adjusted before being sent (not to mention being very easy for us to read, fulfill and track from this side too!). We actively encourage our customers to order their products online, but they are of course always welcome to ring us if they have any problems.